Bee the Change


In honour of our friends the honey bees!

Bee the change is the perfect way to not only start your bee-friendly garden with your children, it’s also an opportunity to start a conversation about bees and the important part they play. These powerful conversations can often spark a motivation for change that unknowingly inspires others around you.

Our 'Bee the Change' grow kit includes a collection of items that will have your garden buzzing in no time.  Each 'Bee the Change' grow kit includes;

  • Bee friendly seeds
  • 3 biodegradable pots
  • 3 sustainable coco pellets
  • 1 affirmation card
  • Life cycle of the honey bee
  • Diagram of the honey bee
  • Fun facts / pollination / how can we help
  • Beeswax and wick to roll your own candle
  • Mini honey dipper
  • Growing instructions

Enjoy spending time getting to know our friend the honeybee through fun facts and beautiful illustrations.  Connect in as you plant and nurture your bee friendly seeds and as they begin to blossom and bloom listen out for the beautiful buzzing of our friends visiting your garden. Spend a mindful moment rolling your own beeswax candle enjoying the sweet aroma.  Dip your own little honey dipper into your pot of honey. 

Remembering always to find the Joy in every day

Customer Reviews

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Alicia M
A beautiful kit for learning about bees

There is so much information in this box. And the cards are so beautiful that it is written on. There is a high attention to detail in them. The honey dipper is so tiny and cute. It’s much tinier than I thought. I love the affirmation on the affirmation card. The seeds and pellets and biodegradable pots are such a lovely learning opportunity in gardening, even if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden. It’s a really nice package