Jack-O'-Lantern Bio Cutter- Glow in the dark



Add another element to your little one’s sensory play, with one of our originally designed and made bioplastic dough cutters.  They can be used in playdough, kinetic sand, air dry clay and for baking. We 3d print our cutters from PLA, which is a plant-based bioplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca root or sugarcane. Jack-o-lantern cutters measure 10 x 10cm. 

To see your bio cutters glow in the dark ‘charge’ them under a lamp or in the sun for 30 seconds or so.

These bio cutters pair beautifully with our wooden Halloween playdough stamps, colour jumble, mandarin and lemon playdough (all available to purchase separately).

Hand wash only.  Exposure to extreme heat (in a dishwasher or direct sun) will damage the natural materials these cutters are made from and shorten their lifespan.  Bioplastics are designed to biodegrade over time, unlike traditional plastics.  If cared for well they will last for many years.

Recommended age 3+. Use under adult supervision. NOT to be used as a teething or chew toy.